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How to Sound Proof a Recording Studio

If you’re a music producing enthusiast, you know that professional recording equipment can pick up even the most minuscule background noises. How do you solve this? The answer certainly isn’t dumbing down your production equipment-it’s soundproofing your recording studio of course!

With sound proofing, the goal is to keep outside noises outside, and inside noises inside. Common outside noises like traffic, voices, and foot traffic often go unnoticed until playing back audio on your devices.

We’re going to be honest with you, soundproofing requires time, skills, and money. If you are satisfied with your current setup, that is completely fine. However, if you find yourself getting more serious about audio work, a crucial step is to soundproof your studio.

Studio with sound proof sliding glass doors and windows


You could go the DIY route, but there is no comparison to a professional job. When you are ready to take the next step, Soundproof Studios is here to provide service and expertise to prime your space for inspiration and “Ah Ha!” moments.

Soundproof Studios custom manufactures:

Soundproof Studios utilizes the latest in noise cancelling technology to produce windows and doors with sound transmission class (STC) ratings in the 60’s. For reference, an STC of 20-30 is poor, 30-40 is average, and 40-50 is good. No other company is consistently producing products at our high standards. For more information on how to soundproof a recording studio, visit our contact page or talk to one our experts by dialing 1.775.829.8900.