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Audio Engineers & Soundproof Studio Design

We at Soundproof Studios love meeting and interacting with the sound professionals that rely on our products to deliver outstanding work to their clients. You might not guess it, but a wide variety of careers depend on high-quality soundproof studio design. In this article we discuss some of the careers available in recording studios and why these professionals benefit from outstanding soundproof studio design.

Besides Musicians and Producers, Who Works in Soundproof Studios?

According to, an informational career exploration site, quite a few different sound specialization careers available in recording studios. Here are just a few.

Studio Engineer
A studio engineer works closely with producers in a studio. Sometimes studio engineers double as the producer and work independently.

Assistant Engineer
An assistant engineer usually works in a studio setting as well. They are often apprentices to studio engineers who own or work in large facilities.

Recording Engineer
A recording engineer is someone who focuses specifically on the aspect of recording sound.

Mix Engineer
A mix engineer focuses on mixing together different tracks to mesh and create a new track.

Mastering Engineer
A mastering engineer smooths over the results of a mix engineer, making the final product into a whole.”

Get to Know an Audio Engineer

The following quotes were transcribed from a video in which a real-life audio engineer, Kelly Kramarik, discusses what it takes to excel in her field.  Pay special attention to the value of delivering high-quality sound recording during a band’s first album.

“Having a good ear is obviously very important in audio engineering. You just have to know good rhythm. You have to know the different frequencies, the different frequency ranges that instruments live in, and that’s just kind of the basis of audio engineering.”

“In the studio world, everybody is mostly freelance unless you own a studio, and that means that you have to bring your own clients in. My boss is awesome, and I get studio leads from him, but for the most part, you’re expected to bring your own work in if you want to make money. You can make anywhere from 30,000 or less, depending on how often you do this, up to $200,000, or you know, millions every year. It just depends on who you record, who you work for.”

“If I landed someone in the studio, and I recorded their first album and then it went platinum, you know, I would make money off of that, not necessarily because once my job is done in the studio with that album, I don’t continue to make money off of it, but I would hope that that artist would bring me back for the next one, and then you know, you get your name out there, and you keep going from there.”

“If I ever meeting someone, I ask them how their studio works, who they hire, how all of that goes, and if they have any opportunities.”

The Soundproof Studios Advantage

As you can see from the quotes above, audio engineers that work in studios need knowledge, talent and the ability to create an exceptional sound experience for clients beginning with the very first recording session.

Because many audio engineers work as freelancers, it’s critical that they deliver outstanding results quickly. If they don’t, musicians and producers can easily take their business elsewhere.

Besides knowledge and talent, a sometimes-overlooked aspect to sound recording is the room in which the recording takes place.

Soundproof windows and soundproof doors are soundproofing products that go a long way in allowing sound professionals to shine and deliver a great first impression. Soundproofing a studio needn’t be a long-term, laborious task. Our installation team is the best in the country.

Our products are highly effective at stopping unwanted sound, and they are also custom-designed for every client. This customization allows designers to really hone the acoustics and aesthetics of a studio.

Audio engineers make careful preparations to keep the right sounds inside a recording studio and the wrong sounds out of it. Our products at Soundproof Studios do just that.

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