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About Soundproof Studios Home Recording Studios

Soundproof Studios is a leading provider of quality soundproof window and door solutions for recording studios worldwide.

Based in Reno, Nevada, we are recognized for innovations such as space-saving, soundproof sliding glass doors and recording studio windows and doors with STC ratings in the 60s.

We were founded in 1998 by Randall Brown. Originally, the company focused on creating soundproof windows for homes and offices. It was not long before this expertise was brought to the world of recording studios. To learn more please visit here.

A key component has been the use of laboratory testing to validate each design innovation. Extensive independent tests show conclusively that Soundproof Studios recording studio windows and doors are the most effective in the world at blocking sound.

We were the first to offer both fixed and operable recording studio windows with STC values in the 60s. Our sliding glass doors were the first to offer an acoustically viable solution that not only stops sound, but offers significant space savings. We were the first company to offer standard 1.75″ thick steel acoustic doors with STC values above 53.

Soundproof Studios is a favorite choice of demanding studio designers and sound engineers who want innovative and effective solutions. You will find Soundproof Studios doors and windows in some of the premier recording studios around the world.



Soundproof Windows maintains Silver Sponsor status with the NCAC