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Free Acoustic Recording Studio Consultation with Soundproofing Experts


Regular windows and doors can amplify noise from outdoor spaces to indoor spaces. To minimize unwanted outside noise, those noise entryways should be evaluated when looking to achieve noise reduction from within a recording studio complex and outside the facility.

For those looking to block unwanted noise replacing the windows and doors is an important step when attempting to boost soundproofing within a recording studio. This is why we encourage acquiring our SoundProof Window and Doors products to help with overall space acoustics.

SoundProof Studios offers sound proof acoustic steel doors, sound proof interior sliding doors and sound proof glass sliding doors.

Our SoundProof window and door products can help solve any noise problems and create a sound oasis and enhance recording studio spaces to give that professional sound when recording and producing audio tracks.

SoundProof Studios is a leading provider of quality sound proof window and door solutions for recording studios worldwide. SoundProof Studios is known for our innovative recording studio windows and sound proof recording studio doors that achieve STC ratings in the 60s. Every door and window in our studio line is custom made and can accommodate any budget.

A key component has been the use of laboratory testing to validate each design innovation. Extensive independent tests show conclusively that SoundProof Studios recording studio windows and recording studio doors are the most effective in the world at blocking unwanted, outside noise from entering recording studios.

Our recording studio consultants and sound proofing experts will help those looking for the best soundproofing techniques and designs for recording studios whether it is a new build or a remodel.

Don’t hesitate and join the thousands that have trusted us for quality and industry leading sound proof recording studio doors and recording windows.

To reach our consultants and sound proofing experts, give us a call at 1.877.438.7843 or contact us online for a free estimate.