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Consider Soundproof Windows for Your Studio

Soundproofing your recording studio is more than a priority, it’s the whole point! Artists need a place to express themselves without interruption, and outside noise that creeps in through your windows and walls can really throw off a performance.

Most outside noise does not come from the walls as so many people often think – but through your windows and doors. At Soundproof Studios, we are dedicated to achieving the highest STC rating on the market today to give you the most sound-free experience possible.

microphone in soundproof recording studio

Glass windows and doors are responsible for noise pollution in your home, office, and studios. A Soundproof window from Soundproof Studios will reduce noise levels by 75-95%. Our soundproof windows will reduce noise levels significantly which is not possible with dual pane or replacement windows, and we can prove it.

By making this minor change to your recording studio (or any studio, for that matter) you will achieve the peace and quiet you have been waiting for with quick and easy installation and no removal of your old windows.

What are your goals for your studio? The experts at Soundproof Studios have built studios all over the U.S. and internationally. We pride ourselves in our immense knowledge of soundproofing and studio design and are happy to walk you through the process of building or remodeling your studio space.

At Soundproof Studios, we can create a workspace for you that is all your own and completely custom, just give us a call and let’s discuss your options.