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Soundproof Studios Are Cheaper Than You Think

From acoustic studio steel doors and glass studio doors, to recording studio windows, Soundproof Studios is the leading provider of quality soundproof windows and door solutions and designs for recording studios worldwide at the best price.

Soundproof Studios was the first to offer both fixed and operable recording studio windows with STC values in the 60s. Our soundproof sliding glass doors were the first to offer acoustic solutions that stop sound and save space. We love creating, designing and succeeding in the recording world – making us the favorite choice for demanding studio designers and sound engineers.

Each and every door and window is a custom studio design made to fit individual assignments, generating a unique look that will be all your own. You will have supreme elasticity in your project as each piece is delivered to your precise specifications, assimilating flawlessly to your original production plans.

If sound resistance is crucial you’ve chosen the right company. Not only do we specialize in distinctive design, but have a time-tested product that will reduce outside noise and create a space that is ample to record or create effortlessly within it. Soundproof Studios design consultants have the experience and skill to help you sort out your best choices when designing your recording studio. We’ll help you explore the new world of design possibilities.  Contact us today to request a free consultation on your recording studio soundproofing needs.

soundboard in soundproof studio

If you are in the process of designing a recording studio or any room where sound isolation is critical, a well-designed room can make all the difference. Soundproof Studios can help you create the ideal acoustic door and recording studio window solutions for the design of the studio and the space available.

Soundproof Studios design consultants have the experience and skill to help you sort out your best choices when designing your recording studio. If you are going to build or remodel the use of a professional or consultant is a terrific investment.

If you are looking for a recording door solution that will maximize the space in your studio that provides exceptional sound reduction, we recommend our StudioMax Sliding Glass Doors. A favorite among studio designers, our unique studio door designs use dual sliding glass doors that are mounted on each side of the door frame giving you the highest sound isolation available. Our soundproof sliding glass doors are available in multi-panel telescoping configurations that will allow for huge opening widths that make moving large equipment in and out easily without having to remove any door panels.

Contact Soundproof Studios today and let us help you choose the right studio to suit your needs, you won’t be disappointed.