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Soundproof Acoustic Doors are the Best Choice for Your Project

Many of us carry notebooks or have our phones handy as a quick tool to remember lyrics and chords, but the lucky ones? The lucky ones have a recording studio where they are able to exercise their creativity freely, loudly and without hindrance.

At Soundproof Studios, it is our goal to make you one of the lucky ones. Dedicating time to your craft takes patience, time and talent. At Soundproof Studios we love inspiring the writers, singers and artists of the world by providing an acoustical space where they can freely indulge in their craft. You will find no other acoustic soundproof door on the market like Soundproof Studios provides so that you can explore your art.

Why does our product come so highly recommended? Soundproof Studios has an STC Rating of 56 (Sound Transmission Class) for our acoustic doors. What does this mean for your studio? We have the highest STC rating on the market, from single and dual pane windows, STC is measured by decibels – and every point counts.

STC ratings are an established way to average how much sound is stopped by something. STC ratings are used for windows, doors, walls and most building materials. For windows, STC ratings range from 18 – 38, and the typical acoustic steel doors on the market today typically range from 33 – 35 and 42 – 47, meaning they block out less sound. Because we offer the highest STC rating on acoustic steel doors (again, an STC of 56!), we are confident that our product will satisfy your specific needs, no matter what they are!

Not only have our patent-pending acoustic steel doors set a new industry standard, but they provide the highest sound reduction in a standard 1.75” thick door in the world. Special locksets are no longer required when using our product – any standard door latching hardware will provide the proper latching and closing properties.

The industry experts at Soundproof Studios have worked with professional artists to create custom-made acoustic steel doors for each individual studio project. While every soundproof acoustic steel door is made-to-order and meet your exact specifications, our manufacturing times are a fraction of those of the competition.

Contact Soundproof Studios today for a free consultation on your new acoustic steel door.