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Acoustic Sound Foam, What is it?

At Soundproof Studios, we know sound. No matter what studio you are in the market to build, we have a custom design, helping hands and a knowledgeable staff that knows what it means to soundproof a studio the right way.

Many people think that acoustic sound foam will soundproof their space, so being the experts, we would like to clarify. Acoustic sound foam does not block sound. We’ve all seen the egg cartons glued to walls, but unfortunately, there is no such thing as a ‘soundproofing’ foam – foam won’t prevent sound from coming through your space, but it does absorb echo. It’s a common misunderstanding, but that’s not to say acoustic sound foam doesn’t have its purpose.

Acoustic sound foam has its place in your soundproofing design in more ways than one. Blocking echo in yoga and recording studios, or any studio for that matter in which you do not want sound to reverberate, is where acoustic sound foam comes in handy.

At Soundproof Studios we provide both the skills and the knowledge to help you make the right decision when designing your space. Whether you decide to use recording studio windows, soundproof windows, acoustic steel doors, acoustic foam or all three, you will feel confident in building your studio with our help.

Contact us today for a soundproofing estimate and pick up some acoustic sound foam while you’re here.