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Recording Studio Doors with High STC Ratings

First of all, what’s an STC Rating anyway? STC stands for Sound Transmission Class. In essence, STC ratings are an established way to measure how much sound is stopped by something. STC ratings are used for windows, doors, walls, and most building materials. For windows, STC ratings range from 18 to 38, and are the only way to accurately compare various noise reduction products.

At Soundproof studios, our recording studio doors make it possible to achieve an STC of 65. That’s right, 65! With our recording studio doors you can achieve high STC values, a feat which was not previously possible. Now you can use our recording studio sliding glass doors to get a higher STC than anything available on the market today.

To maximize the use of space combined with achieving the exceptional sound reduction, choose Soundproof Studio’s StudioMax Sliding Glass Doors. They are the industry standard and a favorite of top studio designers as our unique design is extremely efficient.

Using dual sliding glass doors mounted on each side of your door frame to give exceptional sound isolation, the recording studio doors from Soundproof Studios can be mounted in a variety of ways according to your recording studio door opening. Not only are our recording studio doors versatile, but with a 65 STC rating, there’s really no beating the sound insulation we can provide.

Contact Soundproof Studios today for a free estimate so we can get started on creating the recording studio you’ve always dreamed of.