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Do I Need Recording Studio Windows?

If you’re building a home recording studio, you may find yourself asking if you need recording studio windows. Our recording studio windows and recording studio doors concentrate on reducing the low-frequency sounds, which is typically the area where you need the most help. These new recording studio windows and recording studio doors have lab tested STCs in the 60s, which will match or exceed your wall STCs.

Quick STC Rating Refresh

As mentioned in our last article, an STC rating measurement uses a special scale like the Richter Scale for earthquakes. An increase from 28 to 38 means 90% of the noise is reduced. A change from 28 to 43 represents a noise reduction of over 95%. Small increases can mean a lot of extra noise reduction. The increase from 38 to 43 mentioned above does not sound like much (90% versus 95+% in reductions) – but going from 90% to over 95% means that 60% of the remaining noise was removed; every number represents a large amount of noise.

Using measurable STC ratings we base noise on measurable facts, not opinions. The higher the STC, the more sound is stopped; each point is significant and important.

Recording Studio Windows

Using our breakthrough technologies on soundproofing and specially made laminated glass, we can provide your recording studio or home recording studio with superior soundproofing at an affordable price. Our recording studio and home recording studio windows and doors come in standard and custom sizes.

Our studio windows offer STC values of 64. We offer many different options and configurations to address all of your various design requirements. Low-iron super clear (no green tint) glass is standard on all our windows and doors.

Our sound studio windows consist of two independent fixed windows on each side of your window opening. Each window can be installed vertically or slanted, your choice at the time of installation. Our recording studio windows achieve an STC value of 64.

  • Our Sound Studio Windows are easy to install
  • Slanted Glass is field adjustable
  • Complete Architectural Drawings are available
  • Incredible low-frequency noise reduction

All of our soundproof studio windows and doors use laminated glass rather than dual pane glass, which is never a good noise reduction glass configuration. Our laminated glass is custom made for our 0.650 inches thick soundproof windows. We also use 0.250-inch thick laminated glass. One or both of the sound studio windows in the opening will have the special 0.650-inch laminated glass.

Add one of our sound studio windows to your existing studio window to improve the STC value of what you currently have. Our sound studio window is only 1.25″ thick and can be mounted on either side of your current sound studio window. Ask us for details about how this can be done to raise your existing STC values into the 60s.

Contact Soundproof Studios today and let us help you find the right recording studio windows for you.