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AES New York 2017 – Sound and Story Amplified

Soundproof Studios is proud to be attending the AES New York Maximum Audio Convention this October! The 143rd AES Maximum Audio Convention focuses on people and businesses whose passions and interests include Broadcast and Streaming, Networked Audio, Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality, Live Sound, Studio Recording, Home Recording, Music Production, Game Audio, Sound for Picture or Product Development fields.

October 18 – 21, Soundproof Studios is in NY!

Visit our official exhibition page, here!

This year’s technical program is full of  exciting and new events that we are so excited to be a part of.

Invited as experts in the soundproof windows and soundproof studios field, all those who attend will get a high level overview of the entire convention, detailed calendar , and more, so you can explore experts (such as ourselves) and other sound and audio experts.

Our days in New York at the AES Tradeshow will be filled with tutorials, workshops, broadcasts, media streaming, and tons of other special events. If you are as passionate about audio as we are, come give us a visit.